All Church Clean-Up Day – Thank You!!

Thank you to all who joined Robin and me on Saturday for Church Cleanup Day.  We dusted, polished, scrubbed, vacuumed, and essentially rid the place of 18 months of cobwebs!  Betty Jenewin, Paul Marr, Sheri Linn, Sean Reynolds, Joe Ruivo, Carole Howe, Shah Salmi, Brian Shuman, Patrick Shuman, Pauline Courchesne, Michele Hernandez, Emily, Coraline & Russell Stolarski,  Dave & Beckley Schowalter, David Fields, Kim McCoy, Aaron (who got his tasks done prior to Saturday … woohoo!) –  you each played an important role – whether you came for an hour or the whole day. Thank you for stepping up. It was a team effort and you were an awesome team!


Picture caption:  Michele Hernandez cleaned all four bathrooms as her contribution to Church Clean-Up Day!  Photo by Betty Jenewin