Photos of the Week for June 8, 2021

Photo of the Week #1

The Rev. Aaron Payson hands a rose to outgoing president John Odell as part of the annual meeting on June 6, 2021.

Photo of the Week #2

Deb Zawielski and Janet Stone check in with clerk Debbie Merrill before the annual meeting.

Photo of the Week #3

New President Sheri Linn reacts after receiving a rose from the Rev. Aaron Payson during the annual meeting; the Rev. Cheryl Leshay is a left.

Photo of the Week #4

Catherine Roberts spoke up at the annual meeting, not to ask a question, but to praise the Board for their work.

Photo of the Week #5

The new Board of Directors recites the Litany of Installation at the Annual Meeting. They are, left to right, Bruce Leshay, Kate Bejune, Brian Keyo, Michelle Hernandez, Melissa McKeon, new President Sheri Linn, Sue Neaz and John Odell.