Photos of the Week for February 2, 2021

Photo of the Week #1

This January 25, 2021 photo shows UUCW’s Catherine Roberts writing notes, a practice she has deepened during the pandemic.

She estimates she has written several hundred notes during this time of COVID.

Catherine says “I have always been a note writer and have several pen pals. My job already asks me to sign typed thank you letters, but I switched to handwritten notes to make them more personal. I love finding a letter or notecard in the mail, so I send them out, too. This makes me feel grounded and on track. I have so many memories of receiving letters from my grandmothers, and don’t want this practice to go away.” (photo by Jacob MacDonald)

Photo of the Week #2

This image was done by Bart Hill in 2007-2008, part of a series he calls “Light at the Church.”

Bart’s inspiration came after he noticed the way that light washes throughout our building.

Fun fact: Bart was 4 or 5 when he first took his mother’s Brownie Camera out to make photos.

Then, seeing his father’s and uncle’s love of photography, he’s been clicking every since.

Photo of the Week #3

This undated photo from the UUCW archives shows Loree Burns, left, and Cathy McDonagh at Ferry Beach.   (photo by Judy Savage)

Photo of the Week #4

The photo from the UUCW archives shows a  church event in 1993 attended by, from left, Jan Cutman, Valla Fotiades and Tom Pierce. (photo by Judy Savage)