Stewardship Notes – On Automated Donations

by David Schowalter & The UUCW Stewardship Team

A Reminder About Digital Pledging & Offerings

As we begin the 3rd quarter of our fiscal year, we are aware that many of you continue to face financial challenges. Because of the budget surplus realized from FY2020, we continue to be fiscally stable as a congregation and are making plans for the next fiscal year. We deeply appreciate the continuing support of so many members and friends. And, if you are unable to fulfill your pledge this year, or have questions about your current pledge, please contact our pledge secretary, Margos Stone () so that we can plan our forecasts accordingly.

Current Fiscal Year Pledges, Gifts, and Offerings

Many thanks to those of you who continue paying toward your pledge during this time of remote connection. For your convenience, we invite you to use our online digital giving program Simplegive for such purposes. You can access this program in two ways. Either visit the Simplegive site directly HERE, and choosing either the “General Donation” or “Pledges for FY2021 – July 2020 to June 2021” option in the “Fund” drop-down menu, or by text-to-give by texting 508-231-5335 and following the instructions on the screen. You can also visit the website and choose “donations” from the main menu at the top of the page.

FY2021 Budget Update

Pledges = $14,609.00
Property Rental = $800.00
Fundraising = $70.00
Other = $5,577.25
Income Total = $21,056.25
Expense Total = $23,414.09

July – December
Pledges = $88,819.75
Property Rental = $2,480.00
Fundraising = $3,088.58
Other = $8,639.59
Income Total = $103,027.92
Expense Total = $175,986.77

Budgeted for YTD
Budgeted Pledges = $95,000
Budgeted Property Rental = $5,800
Budgeted Fundraising = $8,000
Budgeted Other = $4,050
Budgeted Income Total = $112,850
Budgeted Expense Total = $154,424