Photos of the Week for January 12, 2021

Photo of the Week #1

#uucwreads highlights the ways that books are part of our members’ lives.

“Walk in My Shoes: The Path to Empathy and Compassion” is a book by Cliff Hakim, Linda Miller’s cousin. Hakim dialogues with over 30 “storytellers,” individuals from many walks of life who have learned to walk in other people’s shoes.

One of the storytellers is our own Bart Hill.

Rather than using photos of the narrators, the author has drawn a picture of their shoes.
At right is a photo of Bart, and Cliff’s drawing of Bart’s shoe – a Merrell, size 10 1/2. ©2020 Cliff Hakim

Hakim will be speaking at the Greater Worcester Humanist meeting on Tuesday, January 12, 2021, on Zoom, on the topic “Kindness Matters, Compassion is a Superpower.”

Hakim has spoken previously at UUCW, in approximately 2004, about his book “Life’s Too Short to Drink Cheap Wine.”

Photo of the Week #2

The Rev. Aaron Payson delivers the reflection “Liberating Liberalism” during the Zoom church service on Sunday, January 10, 2021.

An attendee commented “One of the most beautiful, diverse and poignant services I’ve ever experienced.”

Photo of the Week #3

This photo from the UUCW archives takes us back to October 14, 2012, when Linda Holbrook, left, stopped to talk with Sue Neaz at the Crop Walk table in Fellowship Hall after the service. 

The Crop Walk took place one week from that day, and a portion of the funds benefitted UUCW’s own Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry. (photo by Betty Jenewin)