COVID-19 Health, Safety & Programming Update – January 6, 2021

covid-19 image

The UUCW Health & Safety Team will be meeting early this month to review plans for winter and Spring. At present we continue our recommendation to the Board that we keep the buildings closed for use by congregational and community groups. Even as we look forward to the availability of a vaccine soon, the Team remains concerned with the trajectory of the COVID-19 spread in our community and the Commonwealth. In addition, our 70 year old building does not have adequate ventilation, especially in the colder months, to protect any occupants from the spread of the virus. Staff will have access to the offices and will likely be present throughout the week and may make the choice to meet one-on-one with folks as needed. In addition, the Food Pantry will continue to offer emergency food as well as its monthly distribution on the 3rd Saturday, which will remain in the parking lot.

The Team also continued to discuss ways to foster community and increase participation in the variety of programs and activities that are being developed.  The Adult Faith Formation Team continues to plan for a variety of offerings this winter online, stay tuned to upcoming communications about these programs. The Staff and Board are considering options for Spring/Summer Worship and programming including a change in summer schedule to increase the opportunities for programming with the onset of warmer weather.  We look forward to being able to worship and provide space for groups to meet outside and are considering the purchase of a large tent to allow for these gatherings in a range of weather conditions.

It is our continued hope, now with the purchase of additional equipment that we will be able to return to live streaming in the sanctuary later this month.

Thank you for continuing to support this congregation with your presence and a host of resources. While we continue to be challenged by pandemic, we are making our way with grace, gratitude and grit.

Blessings, Rev. Aaron Payson & the Health & Safety Team