Religious Exploration News – December 20, 2020

Religious exploration rainbow tapestry

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All Church Read 2020-  The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek

Book Trailer Video


Social Justice- reading/literacy, classism, hunger, women’s rights

Racial Justice

Role of animals in human lives

Historical exploration opportunity- Appalachia, Kentucky Blue Fugate people and methemoglobinemia. Pack Horse Library Project.

 We will have a discussion board up on Google Classroom.         class code :yfgpnqq

Book Group Discussions:  Do you want to host one over Zoom?  Please let Robin know:   


The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek by Kim Michele Richardsom- High School and older- or read by parent to younger teen and editing a few challenging (but respectfully written) excerpts that deal with violence against women and detailed descriptions of medical procedures, and death.

Down Cut Shin Creek- by Kathy Appelt-   All ages-  Good non-fiction reading for all- great to offer to middle school or younger readers 

That Book Woman-, by Heather Henson- All Ages, but written for children.