Tidings of Comfort and Joy

Rev. Aaron Payson

As times of anticipation go, this has to be one for the record books.  As we await the arrival of vaccines, a new federal administration, and the prospect of returning to a renewed sense of normalcy, we arrive at this season of anticipation and celebration with many feelings: ambivalence, curiosity, hope, sorrow and joy.  To be sure there have been other periods in human history and our history as a nation and region which have evoked similar responses; generations of people who suffered war, other pandemics and economic upheaval. Our lives are in many ways a product of the creative spirit of fortitude which met the challenge of those times with thoughts and labor to craft a better future.  And now we too are called in earnest to accomplish the same for ourselves and for generations to come.  So. . .how shall we great this season of anticipation? 

This year the congregation is invited to take up the challenges and possibilities afforded us in this moment thorough a variety of experiences which we all hope will help each of us glean a deeper sense of meaning, hope, purpose and yes, joy, from the holidays.  And you are invited to partake in all of them.  Here is a list of what we can look forward to in the coming weeks.

Sunday, December 6 – “Christmas Is All Our Fault”, @ 10 AM w/ Rev. Aaron Payson: We pause at the outset of the season to consider the contributions of Unitarians and Universalists to the Winter Holidays.  From Christmas Trees, to favorite songs of the season and the many tales that have been traditionally told at this time of year.  We’ll ponder then what unique things we have to offer as well!

Sunday, December 6 – “Holiday Sing Along”, @ 4 PM w/ UUCW Staff:  We’ll gather in front of Fellowship Hall to sing in the season. Bring a mask to wear.  We’ll provide the candles for the candlelighting and though maintaining personal distance, we’ll companion each other into the season!

Sunday, December 13 – “Illumined by Kindness”, @ 10 AM w/ Rev. Aaron Payson: We’ll consider the role of kindness as we explore the meaning of Hanukah and the celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Sunday, December 20 – “The Weight of a Snowflake”, @ 10 AM w/ Robin Mitzcavitch & The RE Team: This ANNUAL SOLISTICE SERVICE will include a special tale to remind us of the unique and wonderful aspects of this season and all who honor it.

Sunday, December 20 – “Tidings of Comfort & Joy”, @ 4 PM – ANNUAL HOLIDAY VESPERS SERVICE – This year we are taking this opportunity as we gather virtually to explore what messages of comfort and joy we have for each other at this moment in our life together.  Members and friends of all ages who are willing to offer a short message, reading, song, or solo are invited to contact Rev. Aaron Payson () by December 13 to participate.

Thursday, December 24 – “Joy to the World”, @ 7 PM – ANNUAL CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICE – We will pause on the eve of Christmas for a moment to honor the spirit and joy of the season as we take up carols & lessons that bind us to the hope and joy of new life and love at this moment.

Sunday, December 27 – Guest Minister, Jennifer Innis, @@ 10 AM – We look forward to the New Year with Rev. Jennifer Innis, legacy of this congregation, who returns for her annual visit to UUCW.

Please look for information in upcoming communications for ways to connect to any of the services above online.

Blessings, Aaron