Photos of the Week for October 20, 2020

Photo of the Week #1

In this photo from the UUCW archives, Rita Pierce, now of blessed memory, and her husband Tom bring the collection plates to the Rev. Aaron Payson on Sunday, June 4, 2017.

Photo of the Week #2

This 1992 photo from the UUCW archives, shows, from left, Carol Stanley, Rita Pierce, now of blessed memory, and Nancy Hancock.

Photo of the Week #3

Food Pantry volunteers, from left, Mary Kilburn (the Happy Halloween Pumpkin), Kim Mann and Dianne Mann break into impromptu song on October 17, 2020, to celebrate a client getting her RN (Registered Nurse) license.  The trio serenaded the client with a rendition of “For You’re a Jolly Good Nurse,” to honor her years of hard work in achieving her goal. (photo by Melissa McKeon)

Photo of the Week #4

Denise Darrigrand, right, one of the three Directors of the Food Pantry, prepares informational slips to be distributed to the clients on October 17, 2020. At rear are Dianne Mann, left, another of the Directors, and Sue Neaz. (photo by Betty Jenewin)

Photo of the Week #5

The Shore Drive construction project continues; the church parking lot has been extended and newly paved. A second layer of asphalt will be laid and parking lot lines painted. (photo by Betty Jenewin)