Democracy Depends On Each of Us

Rev. Aaron Payson

Image showing black background with words Vote like your life depends on it, it does!

Due Diligence

“It’s important to notice
if you voted
that every ballot was
counted and noted.

Every voice matters;
don’t be content being a bystander
if you don’t understand
that you can make a difference
with this right
you’ve been gifted.”


The creative and simple expression of truth through poetry often inspires me to consider how I live my values.  After watching last night’s 1st Presidential Debate it is clearer to me than ever that we are at an important crossroads in this country, and that the stakes of the decision we make in the next month couldn’t be higher.  

And the thing is, that where ever you are on the political spectrum, we all share this moment, which pleads with us to live out the promise of our democratic ideals. 
This is not a blue or read opportunity. It is a red, white, blue, black, brown, olive, yellow, beige, pinkish-hue opportunity.  And it can be wasted as easily as it can be actualized. 

There is also inequity here.  The right to participate in our democratic process is not born or experienced equally across our country.  Many have found their hard-won right to vote challenged, blocked, denied, and refused by systems established to control human bodies, denigrate the human spirit, and maintain the status quo.If we are to live out the values that create a common good, then all people of good faith and conscience are called, in this moment, to actualize whatever power we have, earned, unearned, deserved or not, hard-won or obtained by association, to encourage all people to participate in our democratic process, AND VOTE!

This evening the UUCW #GetOutTheVote Team is sponsoring an effort for this congregation to participate in a national phone-banking event in order to encourage people, especially in underserved and marginalized communities to register and vote.  I plan to participate in this effort and I hope you will also.  This is one, very concrete, way that we can make a difference.  Details about the phone-banking event are below.

Please don’t despair that your efforts can not make a difference.  They can, and they will.  All of us are called to use our power to support the common good.  Please join us this evening and help us all make the difference we desire!

Blessings, Aaron

THE TIME HAS COME….THE TIME IS NOW!5 weeks left till Nov. 3rd!Join the National Call-in to Wisconsin with UUTheVote and WUUSAN

UUCW member Beth Posner-Waldron phone-banking with the UUCW #GetOutTheVote Team

Join UUCW members and other UUs from around the country by phone-banking with UUTheVote, the UUA’s voting campaign, on Wednesday, September 30th from 7 to 9 PM ET.  No experience needed.  If you can talk on the phone, you can do this!
Here’s where to sign up 
All you need is a phone plus laptop or other computer device and the desire to empower someone with information they need in order to vote.  UUTheVote volunteers provide the rest.  
We will be calling mostly people who may not be registered to vote in LatinX and Black communities in northern Wisconsin, one of swing states.  Training and support is provided via zoom. 
Put your faith into action!  Fight voter suppression and systemic racism!  Protect our democracy by involving more people in the voting process!  Join the Get Out the Vote Team on September 30th from 7 to 9 PM making calls.
Have questions or want more information?  Read these FAQs.
Have more questions?  Contact Ruth or Beth at