Green Thumb Team News – September 29, 2020

I’d like to thank Melissa McKeon, Carole Howe, Ruth Silver and Marilyn Martin who have joined me in donating a total of almost $250 worth of native plants for our UUCW gardens.

On Sunday, September 28th Carole Howe and I picked up 32 plants from native plant expert Ellen Sousa’s Turkey Hill Brook Farm nursery in Spencer.  This photo shows Carole, right, discussing plants with Ellen, who had just reopened after testing Covid negative.. 

The weekend of October 3-4, a bunch of us will be planting them.  

Very special thanks go to Carole, who suggested to her fellow Garden Committee members several months ago that we consider native plants, and explained to us why they are important.  Carole and I now co-lead this native planting effort.

Look for future pieces from Carole in The Message explaining the benefits of this type of ecological gardening and the changes happening in the UUCW gardens.

Yours in the interconnected web, of which we are only a part,

Betty Jenewin

Garden Committee Chair