Little Light of Mine

Robin Mitzcavitch, Director of Religious Exploration & Education

Working with your hands.
Hands in the hard earth- clay.
Knowing that your community is working the same clay.
Shaping and forming it into a vessel that holds your little light.
Knowing that it will be fired into a sturdy piece of pottery.
Setting your family creation on top of a cloth, also made by you.
This is your sacred space.
Light your chalice.
Knowing that your community is also lighting theirs:
From a distance, on Sunday morning, and during mealtimes.
During times of joy and of sorrow,
Stress and celebration.
Knowing that you are able to bring the light of creation,
Of community, of love and compassion and sharing
Out into a world that needs you.

                                          ~~Robin MItzcavitch

Little Light of Mine: Family Connections Through Clay

Let’s start this Religious Exploration school year with a spirit of connection and light that unites our UUCW community!  Your family is invited to join in a shared clay experience to make your own home ceramic chalice.  Come to the church on Sunday September 20th at 1pm for the Blessing of the Clay, and to pick up your very own clay and altar kit.

 Then join us on Zoom on September 27th at 9:00am to learn a little bit about the process of working with clay, and get creative at home!  Bring your completed chalice back to the church on Oct 3-4  and Jessie will fire your creation so you will have a ceramic chalice to cherish at home and connect you to your friends at UUCW.

We will all then enjoy a UUCW Family outdoor lighting ceremony, where you pick up your completed project – stay tuned for the October date and time!

We hope this experience can build multiple connections and allow us all to be comforted by the wonderful light that is within each of us in this amazing community.

Many thanks and kudos to our own Trowbridge Family- Jessie, Brett,  Alma and Flora- for their idea and vision!