Help Wanted! Please respond to the Summer 2020 Survey

HELP! Please!! Can you hear the urgency and longing in those words? UUCW is in the process of planning for a variety of opportunities and challenges this Summer. 

We look forward to the completion of the Shore Drive Project later this summer/early fall. We are planning for celebrations of the 250 Anniversary of Universalism, the 180th Anniversary of the founding of this congregation, the prospect of returning in some form to in-person services augmented by online opportunities to participate and a host of other programming, fundraising, small group ministries, and opportunities to engage in a variety of justice-making efforts.

We are experiencing a “zietgeist”, a particular moment in our history marked by a variety challenges and opportunities: the ongoing responses to the pandemic, the specter of ongoing systemic racism and violence, challenges and opportunities related to our democratic process and the upcoming election season, ongoing and deepening disparities regarding hunger, homelessness, immigrant justice, reproductive justice and so many other issues that energize and inspire many of our members and friends to find ways to respond to deeply personal questions and experiences and to actualize our shared values in the communities we love and serve.

As we respond to all of this, it is clear that this must be a larger group effort. As we plan for the coming summer and next church year, there are a host of opportunities to participate and provide leadership. So, staff and current leadership have developed a small survey to invite and encourage participation by as many of us as possible. Please take a moment to share the ways you would be willing to participate in these new and ongoing efforts. And, thank you and bless you for all you are, all you do, and all you are willing to be for each other and the communities we serve!

CLICK HERE to take the survey!

Blessings, Aaron