When Abraham Went Out of Ur: Seeking the Promise in the Unknown – February 26, 2023

This sermon takes inspiration from the biblical story of Father Abraham, the archetype of every one of us who must embark on a long journey, leaving behind the familiar places where we have lived, setting out with mingled fear, hope, grief, and anticipation into the unknown, seeking newness of life.

The Reverend David Miller is Minister Emeritus of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Worcester and served as Minister of UUCW from 1970 – 1990.  He is the longest-serving Minister in the history of the congregation.  He continues to be active in congregational life as a youth mentor, outdoors activity guide, and as a leader in the local humanist community, He is also active with various community-service groups and as part of the team of professional religious leaders of the congregation.  

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