Worship Arts Sunday with Rev. Jen Innis, Guest Minister – January 1, 2023

On this New Year’s Day, how shall we deepen and renew what we value most? Our fellow Unitarian Universalists are taking up this question, too, in the process of revising our public statement of principles and purposes. Join us as we explore together.  

Once again we are delighted to welcome Rev. Jennifer Innis back to the pulpit at UUCW.  Rev. Innis joins us from Peoria, IL where she enjoys life with her spouse the Reverend Patrick Price and their children, Nate and Abby. She is happy to be the minister with the Universalist Unitarian Church of Peoria. She also is the Director for Spirit Play, a story-based program for young children in Unitarian Universalism. Rev. Innis is thrilled to return to the UU Church of Worcester and offer worship at the church of her youth.

Please CLICK HERE to view this week’s Order of Service.

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