Walk In My Shoes – Cliff Hakim, Guest Speaker

In a world that seems deaf to the needs of others, author and social innovator Cliff Hakim will remind us that practicing kindness is a conscious choice we make and a way of living to strive for, so that all may thrive. Cliff will ask: What does kindness mean to you? As well, he will suggest, with the help of others whom he has interviewed, how we all might become kinder: Choose to be more empathic and compassionate towards ourselves and towards others.

Cliff Hakim says…

Empathy and Compassion are always in style.

Style comes from the inside out. Each of us has special ways of relating to others, connecting with a smile or gesture. This has nothing to do with how much money or fame we have. It has to do with the openness of our souls, our willingness to be curious about people and our ability to give something of ourselves.

We are especially happy when our shoes “fit” our values and our personalities, as well as support our relationships and work in the world.

Customizing our fit is a work in progress. A matter of daily gratitude and of seeing our own fortune, not judging, despite the difficulties that we may have.

With gratitude and an open heart, we can truly walk in another’s shoes and make this world a better place.

Follow the path of empathy and compassion to help create a healthier society and save this planet.

Cliff Hakim, Artisan-Entrepreneur, Author, Social Innovator

Cliff Hakim has worn many different shoes, as a teacher, writer, counselor and executive coach, and artisan-entrepreneur.

As author of the business bestseller, We Are All Self-Employed, he showed people how to take control of their jobs and careers, under any market conditions and at any stage of life.

As the founder of an artisan business called Inspired Stones, he has designed memorials that tell a loved one’s story, using natural stone and reclaimed wood. In the past few years, he has been experimenting with pen, brush, and ink.

Cliff began drawing shoes in 2018, and their soulful message inspired him to write and illustrate Walk in My Shoes: The Empathy and Compassion, 2020—how we learn to be kinder by walking in the shoes of others.

Cliff’s new book has opened many doors, for example, he has recently joined the start-up Leap Chat: https://leap.so as a Leap advisor, facilitator, and Innovator. Leap Chat hosts classes and conversations in small groups, powered by your passions.