When The World Fails You – Rev. Aaron Payson, Preaching

Srishti writes: “Anybody who is exposed to the circus of worldly affairs feels the pangs of stress and sadness as side-effects. Failing is okay, falling is okay. Feeling too much is also okay given you are willing to make pain the substratum for love, hope and happiness to grow un-apologetically. Don’t run high on ego. Know your well-wishers; keep them close so they can catch you amidst your big fall. At the end of the day when the world fails you, you run into the safe haven of your loved ones. The universe is always signaling; you must prepare yourself to comprehend its subtleties. I don’t know what battles people are fighting; I hope they win and then live on to celebrate their win because amidst the towering chaos we need to remember- life is beautiful.” {https://themeanderingsoulblog.wordpress.com/)

On this Sunday, as we honor those who have fathered us and acknowledge the often complex feelings associated with fathers, we contemplate the wisdom of those who have helped us move through life’s most challenging times and pointed us in the direction of beauty, fortitude, and faith. Join us as we honor those who have fathered us and the call that is fathering.    

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