Things My Mother Taught Me and Things I Wish She Had – Rev. Aaron Payson, Preaching

There are a number of books that challenged me to contemplate my own upbringing. Books by Marion Wright Edelman, Ta-Nehisi Coates and most recently Imani Perry come immediately to mind.  These meditations have given me pause to consider the power, privilege and place gifted to me by cultural systems established to served white people and by parents who in the own era and ways helped to awaken me to this reality and set me on a course of listening, learning, and leading in service to a larger vision of human dignity, freedom and justice.  It has been and continues to be an imperfect journey but one that I believe all of us must take if we are to realize the vision of life, liberty and happiness for all people in this country and across our world.  On this Mother’s Day let us contemplate what we learned from those who parented us and what we wish we’d been taught.

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