Please Hit Pause before Return – Rev. Aaron Payson, Preaching

This Sunday we honor the beginning of the Holy Month of Ramadan which is a month of fasting a reflection for Muslim adherents worldwide.  The observance turns the daily routine from “pray, eat, work,” to “pray, fast, work, eat.” Fasting during daylight hours offers Muslims an opportunity to experience a pause from the routine that normally carries one through the day to an experience of carrying the day through faithful observance, which can be a particularly important way to address the anxieties of this moment in a world experiencing dis-ease.  And it is a discipline worth remembering as we look forward to a return to normalcy.  But, as with every experience of Ramadan, the return from the annual month of “pause” means normal isn’t what it once was or ever will be again. Join us as we honor this holy tradition and ask what we might learn when we pause before returning.