Let’s Be Superheroes! Stewardship Sunday – Rev. Aaron Payson, Preaching

John Sorensen writes, “Many of us get told to aim low in life, and do what is “possible”, realistic or achievable. But what if, like the Batman, we knowingly devote ourselves to a goal that is impossible. . .”  This Sunday we will explore both the possible and the impossible asking what role hope and courage have as we address both the needs of this congregation and what often seem like insurmountable issues that we continue to face as a community and world.  What might we learn from our heroes about being superheroes?  How will be envision the coming year and our future both as a community of faith and as a world who faces many daunting challenges.  Join us for what will be a fun and thought-provoking service – KAZAAM!

20210307 Online Sunday Morning Worship