RE News for September 15, 2019


Welcome Back Families!!

This past Saturday evening we had over 100 parents and children in our church celebrating the start of the new Religious Exploration Year.

I would like to thank the Religious Exploration Team: Claire Breyton, Vickie Cox-Lanyon, Jenny DelGizzi, Ana Gregory, Lee Hill, and Beckley Schowalter for putting together this fabulous event (and delicious Taco Bar) for all!

Also, I would like to thank the team for completing the detailed process of conducting a family RE survey last year where many families were individually interviewed.  Vickie Cox-Lanyon put together all the data and presented the findings to our RE team as we met to plan the 2019/20 RE programming year last March. Your voices informed our decision-making on the events offered during 2019/20 church year.  I will go into this in more detail in my September 18th Nugget Article.

Thank you to Vickie for compiling the survey info and sharing it with us all this past Saturday night in an awesome and informative power point presentation!

We are thankful for all of our families and feel very fortunate that so many of you showed up and engaged!  It was a great night!  Let’s do it sometime again!!

The Coming of Age Class of 2019/20 Kicks Off!

With much thanks to Rev. David Miller for leading the way, our Coming of Age class of 2019/20 kicked off in style with a canoe trip down the Sudbury River in Concord from South Bridge to the Old North Bridge and back.  We had a lovely day to go along with a wonderful group of 13 young teens embarking on their journey to come of age at UUCW.  I’d also like to thank chaperones Bruce Leshay, Polly Murillo, and Lydia Proulx for helping to make the the magic happen!

More thanks go to the thirteen mentors who have signed on to lead these young travelers throughout the year! Give them a high five if you see them in the hallways at church!   Nancy Baffa, Vickie Cox-Lanyon, Maya Desai, Sean Divoll, Bart Hill, Lee Hill, Bruce Lehsay, Rev.Cheryl Leshay, Rev David Miller, John Odell, Lydia Proulx, Karen Stephenson,Debra Zawielski.

My assistant COA leader is Jenny DelGizzi and we are SO EXCITED for the COA year!

Robin Mitzcavitch, Director of Religious Exploration & Education