RE News for April 22, 2018

Dear Families-

We are at that time of year when we launch into our Rotation Classroom Workshops.  We will be continuing with the UU Principles, covering the last three-  (The first four were covered during Re-UUnite in January.)

Using Science, Art, And Worship/Spiritual Practice- we will take a deeper look at Principles 5, 6 and 7.

Here is a chart (please click the link or see below) of how it will play out beginning THIS  coming Sunday, April 22nd!  Each week your child will need to be picked up in a different classroom.  I will have this chart posted in the hallway for your reference.

For fun:  we ask that each week, we try to wear the color of the principle.  blue, dark blue (Indigo), violet.     We look forward to  having your child explore the principles using different modalities of learning!

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