RE News for December 3, 2017

Religious Exploration 

Sunday December 3

, Director of Religious Exploration and Education

Holiday Happenings For Children and Youth at UUCW!     

December 3rd and 10th!

9:30-10 am:  Children’s Choir Practice in Fellowship Hall! Join in!

10-11:15 am:  One -Room Experience:  Learning the story of La Befana and the Child of Light and Love for our pageant  which happens at Vespers 4pm on Dec 17th.  Please be present to choose your pageant part!

We will have a simple pageant in which all children can take part- non-speaking parts mostly.  There will be a few narrator parts as well.

The parts that are available:  La Befana- old woman, small child

Yule log carrier, Diwali lamp carriers, Hannukah menorah carriers, Kawanzaa kinara carriers, Angels, Shepherd, Wise People, Sheep, Other Animals, Mary, Joseph.      Think about what you want to be !!

December 17th

9:30-10 am: Children’s Choir Final Practice

10-11:15 am:  Solistice Service:   for families

3:30 pm:  Choir members and participants in the play arrive for costume and staging.

4 pm: Vespers Service Begins!

The children’s choir will be performing early in the service.  All other children and families please sit in the front according to the part you have selected.  The narrator will tell the story of La Befana and a parade of different people who pass by her house on their way to search for the Child of Light and Love.  Each of the different winter holidays will be represented in the parade culminating in the final scene of all of our children together at the alter representing the fact that they all are children of light during this holiday season.