For Each Child That’s Born

By , Director of Religious Exploration

We Are

For each child that’s born, a morning star rises and sings to the universe who we are.
We are our grandmother’s prayers and
We are our grandfather’s dreamings,
We are the breath of our ancestors,
We are the spirit of God.
We are mothers of courage and fathers of time,
We are daughters of dust and sons of great visions,
We’re sisters of mercy and brothers of love,
We are lovers of life and builders of nations,
We’re seekers of truth and keepers of faith,
We are makers of peace and the wisdom of ages.
For each child that’s born, a morning star rises and sings to the universe who we are.

~ Ysaye M. Barnwell

As many of you know, my daughter gave birth to my grand-daughter Jaycie Marie last Wednesday. Jaycie came at 1:39 in the morning and I was blessed beyond measure to be able to attend her birth. Weighing in at 8 pounds and 7 oz, Jaycie was not that tiny per baby standards, and in her eyes, I saw that she was larger than life. She had an instant curiosity, turning her head when a new voice sounded- only moments after entering the world.   The next day as I was holding her in my arms, singing to her, and she looked like she was trying to mouth the words with me: aware and ready to take on the task of learning about her world.

I am so in love, and also so proud of my daughter Brianna who is a strong woman and natural mother.

As I end the church year here at UUCW, I feel so confident that this is the place I should be. I know that helping the child born curious to explore and learn about the sacred things that tug at their soul, is good and important work. I always end the year, just as I start- amazed at the depth of care I have for each of you, and amazed at how you all take care of each other.

As the title of our RE Sunday Service pronounced: “We Belong Together” – we do! I hope to see you over the summer and back again in September to continue our journey. I look forward to spending another year exploring religion, love, respect and justice with your children.

Peace to you!