Meditation, Yoga & Fitness

Some classes have a different schedule in the summer, so please check the church calendar for changes.
Monday Morning Meditation Group

Days/Time:   Mondays at 9:30am
Location:       Church Lounge

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Pre-register at 508-208-4743 or contact Nina Cerviatti ()

Shintaido Class

Days/Time:   Monthly on the 3rd Saturday – 1:30 – 3:00pm
Location:       Fellowship Hall (in October we will be in the Lounge)

For more information contact Joe at or 508-798-8638

Shintaido was developed in the 1960’s by a group of top ranking martial artists who sought to create a body movement that would contain the wisdom of the traditional forms while reflecting the desire to cultivate the art of peace rather than the art of war. Classes will consist of interactive exercise programs designed to bring the body, mind, and spirit into harmony. Individual, partner and group exercises are used not only to strengthen and coordinate the body, but also to help develop self-confidence and cooperation with others. A great way to get fit, cultivate your life energy (KI or Chi energy) and have some fun. Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Joseph Zawielski began studying Shintaido in 1979 through a Worcester Night Life program. Since then his studies have taken him to Europe, Japan, and the West Coast of the USA to study with many of the founding members of Shintaido. He has been a certified instructor since 1984 and has taught locally, nationally, and internationally.

Yoga Power with Nina Cerviatti

Days/Time:   Monday nights at 7pm
Location:       Fellowship Hall

Pre-register at 508-208-4743 or contact Nina Cerviatti (nlcfitness1 at

This class is a flowing blend of powerful and graceful Yoga poses. You will attain the following benefits: Increase your fitness level and flexibility, relieve stress, lowering blood pressure, creating a sense of balance and well being, Challenge yourself and find your fitness potential.
This class will allow you to gain a new you; transforming your body, mind and spirit. Because we are meant to live our lives to the fullest!!!
Inspire and motivate yourself to reach new heights. Stretch, release stress and tone your entire body.

Please bring a Yoga mat.

Kundalini Yoga

Days/Time:   Monday nights at 6:30pm
Location:       Lounge behind the Sanctuary – All are Welcome

For more information, please contact Steve Power ()

Kundalini yoga transforms sexual energy into spiritual energy. Brought to the United States by the Sikh leader, Yogi Bhajan, in 1969, it was originally a secret form of yoga available only to a select few.    The positions and work outs transform the energy of the chakras (energy centers in the body) into a state of well being through body locks.

Burute Vasquez, a local social worker, who has been doing Kundalini yoga for 20 years, finds the mantras in Kundalini yoga helpful in her efforts to concentrate. She claims this makes it easier for her than other forms of meditation she has tried. She calls the yoga, “a life-saver.”

Claudia Abeyon Gherbesi, a local biologist, has been practicing Kundalini yoga for eight years. She says it gave her a way to associate with her teenaged daughter and it makes her feel “more relaxed, more flexible, and more able to concentrate.”

Dan Benoit, a local architect, who has been practicing Kundalini yoga for over 20 years believes it is just the thing after a hectic day at work to feel relaxed, yet focused.

Participants can work at their own pace and level but are encouraged to give 100 per cent. Classes range from intense physical workouts to calm focus through breath awareness.