Lay Leaders


Additional leaders not pictured here:

Finance Working Group:
Tom Pierce (Co-Chair)
Lynn Ritchie (Collector)
Bill Derr (President)
Margos Stone (Investment)
Cris Heffernan (Stewardship)
STAFF: Rev. Aaron Payson (Minister)

In-reach Working Group
Susan Crossley (Parish Services, Sanctuary Aesthetics)
Denise Darrigrand (Member Services, Sanctuary Aesthetics)
Dianne Mann (Accessibility)
Nancy Hancock (HoST)
Vickie Cox Lanyon (Religious Exploratio)
STAFF: Rev. Aaron Payson (Minister)
Beau Rivers (Ministerial Intern)

Out-Reach Working Group
Mike Peckar (Jericho Road Worcester)
Dianne Mann (Food Pantry, Accessibilities)
Sue Neaz, (Interfaith Hospitality Network, Holden CROP Walk)
Joan McGinn (Escalating Inequality, UU Connections)
Mara Pentlarge (Escalating Inequality)
Don Guyton (50/50 Collections)
Peg Gifford (Dismas House)
Joan Webster (Gun Control Reform)
Betty Jenewin (Mass Releaf)
STAFF: Rev. Aaron Payson (Minister)
Robin Caracciolo (Director of Religious Exploration and Education)
Beau Rivers (Ministerial Intern)

Building Operations Working Group
Nancy Hancock (Co-Chair)
Bart Hill (Buildings & Grounds)
Andrew Hegedus (Buildings & Grounds)
Mike Peckar (Building Development)
Paul Marr (Technology)
Ruth Silver (Kitchen)
Mara Pentlarge (Solar Panel Project)
STAFF: Rev. Aaron Payson (Minister)
Jennifer Landry (Office Administrator)
Steve McNally (Sexton)