Pledge Materials


Dear Friend of the UUCW,

On this page you will find the pledge form and instructions for completing it.  We ask that you give careful thought before submitting your pledge form.  Please return the completed form to:
Denise Darrigrand at or 57 Monadnock Road, Worcester. MA 01609 by March 3, 2013.

The Canvass Team is available to answer questions about the programs at UUCW.  They will have copies of the proposed budget requests for each program if you are interested in the financial plans for the next fiscal year. A copy of the FY 2012 budget may be found here.

We will not contact you directly unless your form has not been returned by the deadline.  As an exception, we may contact certain contributors who have not pledged in the past and people who have not returned their pledge forms by March 3rd.  If you would like to speak to a steward, please let Denise know.


Thank you for your support as a steward of our congregation and its work.


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