Coming of Age

Coming of Age (COA) is a Unitarian Universalist program that nurtures the transition of children into youth within the support of a congregation. Young teens (grades 7 and 8) at UUCW are paired with adult mentors who are members of the congregation. Through an amazing year of challenge and discovery, COA youth explore their personal spirituality and bring to life their true selves with the support of their mentors. As each youth discovers, when you know your true self, you are better able to hold fast to your morals and beliefs when challenged to do otherwise.

The end of each COA program is celebrated with a service; COA participants read a written statement expressing who they are, their personal beliefs, and what they learned in the program. COA is an important milestone for our young people who are on their way to becoming young adults in their quest for a personal truth.

COA is offered every other year at UUCW.  The next COA program begins September 2019. Cost for COA is $150/youth. Pre-registration is required prior to the start of the program.