Leadership Directory

Lay Leadership

Joan Webster Accessibilities Committee 508-755-8268
Mike Peckar Board of Management, Clerk 508-853-1942
Peter Ringo
Peter Ringo Board of Management, Member 413-548-0887
David Schowalter
David Schowalter Board of Management, Member 508-853-1942
Rich Johnson
Rich Johnson Board of Management, Member 508-892-9827
Larry Raymond
Larry Raymond Board of Management, Member 508-753-8097
Judy Gallant Root Board of Management, Member 508-853-1942
Willam Derr Board of Management, Member 508-853-1942
Ana Bediako Board of Management, Member 508-853-1942
Kim McCoy
Kim McCoy Buildings & Grounds Chair 508-853-6477
Stan Selkow Finance Co-Chair 508-853-1942
Tom Pierce
Tom Pierce Finance Committee, Co-Chair 508-853-1942
Denise Darrigrand
Denise Darrigrand Fundraising Chair 508-767-0046
June Davenport
June Davenport Human Relations Chair 508-853-1942
Margos Stone
Margos Stone Investment Committee, Chair; Board of Management, Vice President 508-799-0842
Amy Mason
Amy Mason LGBTQI & Allies Co-Chair 508-304-1984
Deb Selkow Member Services Committee 508-853-1942
Susan Crossley
Susan Crossley Parish Services Chair 508-829-6438
Mary Fitton
Mary Fitton President, Board of Management 508- 981-9157
Toni Ostrow
Toni Ostrow Religious Education Chair 508-853-0157
Judy Savage
Judy Savage Social Justice Chair, Board of Management 508-826-9744
Dawn deFreitas
Dawn deFreitas Treasurer 508-853-1942
Joan McGinn UU Connections 508-853-1942

Professional Religious Leadership

Rev. Aaron R. Payson Minister 508-853-1942 mailbox # 2
Rev. Cheryl Leshay Minister (Affiliated Community Minister) 508-853-1942
Rev. David Miller Minister (Emeritus) 508-853-1942
Matthew Johnsen Music (Director) 508-853-1942
Robin Caracciolo Religious Education (Director) 508-853-1942 mailbox # 3


Kris Johnson Nursery Attendant 508-853-1942
Jennifer Landry
Jennifer Landry Office Administrator 508-853-1942 mailbox # 1
Steve McNally
Steve McNally Sexton 508-853-1942
Paul Marr Technology Committee 508-853-1942