Health & Safety News at UUCW & Connecting and Caring Opportunities – March 24, 2020


Worship & RE Online Continues Through At Least April 5th

The Health & Safety Team met this week via ZOOM to discuss ongoing planning and efforts related to UUCW ministries, programming and building related issues.

Sunday Worship and Religious Exploration Programs will continue to be offered online through at least April 5. The team will meet this week to determine of the time-frame for these remote gathering opportunities should be extended.

Communications with groups using the building have been sent via email. Groups over 25 people (and we recommend actually over 10 people per CDC recommendations) are being asked to find alternative ways to meet.

Staff, other than our Sexton, have moved to working remotely. Jen Landry, our Office Administrator is monitoring the phones during regular office hours from her home (please leave a message as the remote system is being somewhat unreliable with Jen’s phone – she does get the voicemail notifications immediately though and will call you back). Email is being received and responded to promptly throughout the week. We ask that those who are cancelling or moving events online to contact the office in order to update the church calendar promptly. Please click HERE for Office News regarding office hours, phone extensions, etc.

Circles of Care is up and running. Members and friends of UUCW will be reaching out to all families to check in and feed forward any needs that are expressed.

See below for information related to upcoming opportunities for worship, RE, and groups meeting via video conference in the coming week(s).

If you have a pastoral or building related emergency, please do not hesitate to contact the Emergency # (508)-853-1942 ext. 108

Rev. Aaron Payson & the Health & Safety Team

Weekly Online Opportunities to Check-in & Chat

Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays @ 8:30 PM via ZOOM
Beginning March 17 through April 4, 2020

Another important way that we can draw closer to each other is increase opportunities to “see” each other even if it is over video, and to have a chance to share how we are and any needs that present themselves, as well as have good conversation and fun.

Beginning Tuesday, March 17, and continuing every Thurs and Saturday through April 4, Aaron will be available on video conference to talk with any who wish to gather online and check in. If not topic is foremost in the minds of those joining this opportunity discussion questions will be posed.

TO PARTICIPATE IN THE CHATS REMOTELY go to Meeting ID: 384 686 2031. To join by phone dial+1 646 876 9923 and follow the instructions.

Forming Circles of Care

As we seek meaningful ways to address the various challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, one very important thing we can do is to find other ways to draw closer to each other even as we practice social distancing. UUCW Circles of Care is one important contribution to this effort. Through various ways we seek to strength the ties that bind us to each other and community.

Are you willing to make calls to check in with others, write notes or cards, prepare a meal, shop for those who are home-bound, provide temporary child care, or inform us of others in need? Then join this effort! Please consider participating in ways that give you meaning and joy. We will follow up in the next week or so on ways to engage the various means listed above. For more information please contact Rev. Aaron Payson ().

Blessings, Aaron