An Online Meditation Opportunity

An Online Meditation Opportunity

Laura K. Secor

Hello my friends,

Well, it’s a strange new world we’re living in.  So many things have changed in the last week, and it’s hard to feel grounded and secure.  We are all modifying the way we live, at least for a few weeks. For most of us, this feels like a deprivation.  For me, it was feeling like a deprivation. I told myself, in my best “Julie the Cruise Director” voice that we would do arts and crafts at home, play boardgames, do pushups and crunches a few times a day, etc., etc.  I was going to make the best of this business of shelter-in-place.

Instead I found myself sulking listlessly on the couch for hours on end.  I wonder if many of you feel the tug of despondency as well?

Fortunately, I received a lovely, heart-felt offering from a beautiful person.  Do you know Tara Brach? She is a psychologist and insight meditation teacher who offers a weekly meditation and dharma talk to her community in Bethesda, MD, as well as retreats and books and online classes.  I listen to the podcast of her weekly dharma talk, and she is so wise and loving and supportive. She is a spiritual voice of gentle encouragement.

I’m going to offer you her invitation here, in the hopes that it can ground you and help you embrace the situation we’re all in together.

Dear Friends,

I imagine that, like me, most of you are living with the mix of fears and sorrows that appropriately come with a global pandemic. In the face of real danger and the tragedy of loss, it’s crucial to honor the intelligence of these feelings, and to meet them with as much mindfulness, gentleness and compassion as you can. 

Many of us are maintaining social distance by staying at home in what has been called a lockdown. You might instead consider that this is a retreat, and take the time to nourish your spirit-love those you’re with, connect (online or by phone) with wider circles of dear ones, offer help to our world however you can, and join in live-streamed meditation classes offered by myself and many others.

Another powerful way to deepen your practice is doing a home meditation retreat. Here is a resource on how to do this that includes video instructions for a guided ½ day retreat: Creating a Home Retreat: Finding Freedom Wherever You Are

Dear ones, along with the suffering of these times is a profound possibility: If we are intentional, we can respond to this crisis by calling forth our deepest wisdom, our full compassion. And together, we can help create a more loving and just world.

May we remember to be deeply kind. We are all living with uncertainty, fear and loss-everyone you meet is struggling hard. And may we remember to celebrate the good, savoring the beauty of spring, the care in others hearts, the joy that comes from real, tenderhearted connection during such vulnerable times.

With loving blessings, and prayers for all beings,