News From The Stewardship Committee – This Week’s Nugget, Part 2!

News from the Stewardship Committee – This Week’s Nugget, Part 2!

Moira Rouse, Stewardship Committee

This was presented by Moira Rouse on January 19 to invite the weekly Offering on behalf of this year’s Stewardship Committee.

When brass plates circulate on Sunday mornings most people are familiar with the ritual, but some details may benefit from further explanation. Our congregation is affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), headquartered in Boston. Our UUCW congregation is an independent business, though, and receives no financial support from UUA or from any outside source. We are self-determined and self-supporting. In fact, this congregation pays annual dues to the UUA for guidance and resources they make available to us. This congregation is funded by the good will offerings and pledge payments tossed into those brass plates and otherwise sent to the church.

New visitors are welcome without any expectation. Your presence is the only offering we need. Good will offerings are contributions given by non-members and members and not tied to a pledge. If you like joining us, we invite you to give what you can -as little or as much- to participate in this journey. This supports our shared home here and the people and programs that make it what it is.

Every year beginning in March, we ask for pledges to support this congregation. A Pledge is your promise to pay money in the next church year. They will be paid beginning in July and through the next church year. Pledges allow the business of this church to continue. You do not need to be a member to pledge. You need only to want to come back as you are interested and available, and to find us here when you do. Pledges can be paid all at once, or a bit at a time. Once made, Pledges can be paid in a variety of ways: in person, online or by mail.

The weekly Offertory is a great opportunity to pay in person. If you pay cash toward your pledge, put it in an envelope from the back of the pew and write your name. The Collectors can properly credit you for paying the pledge. Checks can be made payable to UUCW and include “pledge payment” in the memo line to avoid confusion.

If you prefer the online option, go to and choose Donate from the menu bar. Online bill pay systems can send a check to UUCW one time or every month, however you wish. The monthly option is nice for you and for the church.

Finally, you can mail a check to 90 Holden St Worcester 01606 at any time of year.

If you made a Pledge to this congregation last spring and have not yet paid, please do so soon to help us conclude these winter months.

However and whatever you give, your generosity supports this abundant community. Your generosity brings these bricks, shingles and wooden seats to life in service of this community and its programs. Thank you!