News From The Board of Management

News from the Board of Management

John Odell, Board President

Hello all!  I trust this finds you well.  The Board wanted to share two related items, the work on Shore Drive and some of the contingent work we are planning to do.

As most of you have surely noticed, construction has already begun.  Trees have been cleared, including the damaged tree on the Church side of the road for a future new sidewalk, markers have been set, and the Dogfather has relocated into the main lot.

We should have a basic schedule for the work from the contractor, Amorello, within the next two weeks.  However, we were told that the existing Shore Drive will generally remain open during construction, though there is the possibility of alternating 1 lane at times.  Amorello also informed us that our utility services may be affected, but that they would try to minimize the daytime impact.  We also expect to receive a two-week look ahead schedule each week starting next week to see if access to the church will be impacted and what alternatives will be available.  We will send updates on these impacts as soon as we learn of them.

The overall schedule is expected to run through October.  It’s possible that work on our parking lot will start as soon as May, but more likely (and preferably) over the summer.  We plan to post the overall schedule and perhaps a map overview of the project in the church when they become available.

As you may recall as part of this project we will net an extended, repaved, and restriped parking lot with a new light fixture.  There will also be ADA sidewalks for those who park in the Bancroft lot and can’t walk over the hill.  We are exploring the cost to install a stairway between the two lots with Amorello.  We had hoped we could include this in the original scope, but MA DOT declined to include it as it was not a direct piece of the project.  We are also planning for a new sign, likely digital, to replace the current one.  And we are looking at the removal and replacement of the diseased trees along the hill between Bancroft and our property.  More to come on all of this in the weeks and months ahead.

Lastly, some of you may recall that we had hoped to receive word by now if our grant application for additional security equipment was approved.  Not surprisingly, the State received many grant requests, so they have pushed back the decision timeline until mid-March.  We will, of course, let you know if our grant application was approved as soon as we can.