Paving The Way – Stewardship Drive 2020

Paving The Way – Stewardship Drive 2020

David Schowalter, Stewardship Team

As has been discussed in a special church meeting late last year, the City of Worcester plans to move Shore Drive to the south, creating a single intersection with a traffic light so that Shore Drive will connect directly to Drummond Ave.  Not only does this make the drive to church considerably more pleasant for those of us coming from the west, but it also extends UUCW’s usable property, with an opportunity for improvements, some of which will be funded by the City. It makes 2020 an exciting year for UUCW.

With March approaching, It is also time to decide how much we as a congregation are going to give financially to UUCW in the 2020-2021 church year so that the Board can create a budget that will pay for church operations.  The largest single cost in that budget is staff salaries, which have been marginally increased in recent years for some staff, but largely remain below norms.

As a stewardship team this year, we will provide two numeric goals for the pledge drive–first, a goal that is very much in line with what we have done in the past, and second, a goal that is honest in what we truly need to pay fair wages and pave the way for a new era of our beloved church community.

March 1st is Stewardship Sunday, and the team will provide a fun and entertaining service that will give you food for thought and motivation for the walk down the Stewardship Road.  Most important for our community to understand is:

  1. Our church relies entirely on pledges, fundraising, and income from our endowment/investments to operate and pay staff
  2. We need a pledge/promise from everyone so that we can plan for the next church year
  3. Participation is more important than the amount you give.  We just ask that you follow the road with us.

As we approach Stewardship Sunday, please start thinking about how much you can pledge for next year.  As you make that calculation, please consider what this place means to you and to the greater Worcester community.

The Stewardship Team

Dave Schowalter, Moira Rouse, & Sheri Linn