News From the Board of Management

News From the Board of Management

John Odell, Board President

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I hope this all finds you warm and well after this week’s early cold weather. I’m writing about a few topics today: Aaron’s sabbatical, a grant opportunity, our forthcoming energy audit, and the Wheel program.

As you know Aaron is on sabbatical for the next almost three months. So far, we have had two excellent services and the Board managed to get through our January meeting without too much trouble. Aaron is taking what he terms a “soft” sabbatical, so will be available during emergencies and other high priority needs. One of those is a grant opportunity for security equipment by the State. It’s highly competitive, but we think we have a shot at some funding, so Aaron has already scheduled a couple of vendors to provide rough estimates and to assist in the development of a viable scope of work for better securing the facility. We will keep you updated and do wish us a bit of luck that we are successful!

We are also in the process of collecting energy and related data so we can schedule a detailed energy audit of the facility. We hope that we can use it to find a path towards becoming a net-zero facility over the coming years. The audit will also help us determine what energy related work should be prioritized, and equally importantly, what should not be.

Lastly, our efforts to start an enrichment program for homeschoolers has not panned out as we had hoped. Due to a number of logistical complications we have decided to bench this idea and explore others instead, possibly an afterschool program or nursery. I am also having more trouble than anticipated finding a vendor willing to quote us a price for putting together a Master Plan, but do have a couple of new leads I am exploring.

We will, of course, keep you updated on all of these over the coming months, including the Shore Drive Street project (no update on that as of this writing).

Stay warm and Happy New Year!