Church Gift Card Scam Hits UUCW – Update



 Church Gift Card Scam hits UUCW – Update

All, the gift card scam we reported on last week in an E-Blast is ongoing.  The emails appear to come from “minister dot uucworcester at gmail dot com*”, which is not an address we have ever used. This is an all too common scam that has hit a number of churches in the past few years.

Please always be careful and cautious about responding to any email that asks you for money in any form. Here is some good information about how to protect yourself from this type of scam: CLICK HERE

Our thanks to those who reported to Aaron about this and let us know it was going on.  Always feel free to report anything suspicious like this to us so we can let our members and friends know to watch for it.

The most recent email that is going out reads as follows:

“Good morning (name),
Have you got a minute? I need you to complete a task for me.
Can’t talk, going into a meeting now, So just reply here.

Rev. Aaron Payson

Please do NOT reply to this email! It just confirms to them that your address works. Unfortunately, from our end there is nothing we can do about this.  Research is ongoing on how we might be able to prevent this from happening in the future.

Jennifer Landry, Office Administrator

*For those wondering, I typed the email address like that to prevent accidental clicks on it, and also to prevent it from appearing on the internet in any search engine as a legitimate address.