Aaron’s Sabbatical Information – Sabbatical Suspended

On Wednesday, Aaron consulted with John O’Dell, Congregational President, and informed John that given the upcoming challenges related to COVID-19 pandemic as well as ongoing construction efforts on Shore Drive, he felt it was time to suspend the remainder of his sabbatical in order to be present and accessible to the congregation. Staff and key leadership were informed on Thursday.

Aaron will be in the office next week and can be reached at , 508-853-1942 x 102, by textable cell 508-963-5959 or Skype (Skype name: arpayson).

Aaron will continue to work on his doctorate this Spring and will be in the pulpit this Sunday to address the plans that are in process related to the pandemic and construction. Rev. David Miller’s service has been moved to date later this spring. Please see details later in this update.