Pledge Now!! 2019-2020 Stewardship Campaign & Pledge Drive

On Sunday, March 3, the 2019 UUCW Stewardship Campaign & Pledge Drive launched in poignant and humorous style! This week, members and friends who pledged last year should have received an email Sunday evening and will be receiving a mailing this week.  Emails to active members and friends will be sent this week and an update to the campaign will be sent by E-Blast on Thursday.

Click here to PLEDGE!

Our goal for FY2020 (July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020) is $225,000.

To reach this we are asking everyone to consider pledging and for those who are able, to raise their pledge amount from last year.  This goal takes us a long way toward reducing the amount of income we require from our investments, but it does not go all the way.  To do that we need to exceed our goal!

We invite you to consider the ways that you are thankful for this congregation.  We invite you to share your thanks via twitter at #ThankUUCW. Scroll down to see those posts!

We’d like to receive pledges by March 17. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and consideration.  Get it done and #UUCWThanksU

Sincerely, UUCW Stewardship Team

Cris Heffernan
Moira Rouse
David Schowalter