Budget Update

Budget Update

Rev. Aaron Payson

Good People!

As part of our plans to continue to develop our Stewardship cycle into a year-long program, we are beginning a monthly update on our church finances for your edification and information.  We hope that this information assists you in understanding the fiscal challenges and opportunities that we face as a community and encourages you to continue to pledge support and participate in the life of this congregation in ways that energize, excite and engage your own creative capacities.

As of the end of September, the basic budget numbers are as follows.

Sept 19 Jul – Sept 19 FY2020 Budget TD
Pledges  $18,046.60  $40,523.35  $47,250.00
Investment Withdrawal  $              –  $                       –  $15,500.00
Property Rental  $1,125.00  $2,723.00  $2,850.00
Fundraising  $1,991.00  $2,941.00  $5,500.00
Other  $550.00  $854.38  $3,775.00
Income Total  $21,712.60  $47,041.73  $59,375.00
Expense Total  $22,614.58  $75,910.87  $74,840.00

As the numbers show, we are basically on target for our expenses, however we continue to lag a bit behind in our income.  We hope that the coming months will see us catch up with promised pledges as well as increased fundraising through events that are planned for the coming weeks (see below for the next one!).

As is our practice, we do not immediately withdraw money from investments, but wait until such is called for by our income/expense numbers.  And, as the Board reported at the congregational meeting in September, a generous estate gift this year ($40,000) will reduce the amount we need to take from investments.

If you already pledge for the FY2020 year (2019-2020), thank you for your continued support and for making UUCW a personal priority!  If you haven’t pledged, and would like to, please contact our pledge secretary Margos Stone (), to arrange your ongoing contribution.