Building Beloved Community in Religious Exploration/Notice of Special Meeting

Building Beloved Community in Religious Exploration

Robin Mitzcavitch, Director of Religious Exploration & Education

colorful tapestry with words "Religious Exploration"

We began on September 7th to practice our church theme for 2019/20 “Building Beloved Community”

The RE Team and I welcomed over 100 parents and children back to church to celebrate the start of the new Religious Exploration Year.

I’d like to thank the Religious Exploration Team: Claire Breyton, Vickie Cox-Lanyon, Jenny DelGizzi, Ana Gregory, Lee Hill, and Beckley Schowalter for putting together this fabulous event (and delicious Taco Bar) for all!

Also, I would like to thank the team for completing the detailed process of conducting a family RE survey last year where many families were individually interviewed. Vickie Cox-Lanyon put together all the data and presented the findings to our RE team as we met to plan the 2019/20 RE programming year last March. Your voices informed our decision-making on the events offered during 2019/20 church year.

We began discussions with families with an invitation to take a “digital sabbath” during social times at church like coffee hour and game nights. The idea is to be role models to our younger generation as to what it looks like to be engaged in beloved community without devices! We look forward to have all ages accept the challenge!!

Here are some highlighted details of the survey for you all to read!

  • Thank you to Vickie for compiling the survey info and sharing it with us all this past Saturday night in an awesome and informative PowerPoint presentation!
  • 57% of our families completed the survey
  • 100% of respondents said: We want to help our children develop an ethical and moral character that expresses itself with compassionate service to others
  • Almost all of you also indicated: that establishing friendships with other UU children, having opportunities for your children to experience spiritual growth, and becoming acquainted with the beliefs and practices of the World’s Religions were also important goals for you and your family.
  • So that was really helpful for us to keep in mind as we planned the programming for this year.
  • A majority of respondents said: We want more opportunities to engage with and support each other. Please speak with Robin if you are interested in starting up or leading a parent group, social group, or interest group (children’s climate change group??”).
  • A majority of respondents said: We come to church because it provides outreach opportunities. We have many opportunities for families to be involved from in-reach to out-reach. Inreach: doing coffee hour and helping to do readings at the service ushering and greeting, helping at church events like the yard sale, picnics, and other various fundraisers. Outreach: we have our Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry, IHN Family Shelter, ACE, CROP Walk, SURJ, Walk for Homeless, and much more.
  • A majority of responders said: We feel connected when we volunteer in the classroom. We can’t do RE without you! The program is a cooperative, which means that families are asked to teach or assist in the classroom during some Sundays each year. It’s critical to the success of the program. And, as you noted, it’s a great way to feel connected with the program and with other families. So thank you for all that you do!!

Below is a link to the RE Calendar for 2019/20. You can catch a glimpse of things that are happening. Please note, per your survey, we have added One Room School Houses (ORSH) focused on “A Tour of World Religions.” Each date will have a presenter, who identifies with the religion, talk a little about the religion, what impact it has had on their life in the past or presently. RE will assist the presenter with an activity. These events will be held during the service in Fellowship Hall for children of all ages and any adult who is interested may attend.

For our All-Church Read we will be reading The Hate U Give and Ghost Boys.

In addition, we will have Wendy O’Leary in the pulpit on January 12th and talking about themes and ideas found in her new book Breathing Makes it Better.

We are thankful for all of our families and feel very fortunate that so many of you show up and engage!

2019/2020 UUCW Religious Education Schedule


Sunday, September 29, 2019 at 11:45 am in the Sanctuary

Notice Pursuant to the by-laws of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Worcester, a Special Meeting of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Worcester (UUCW) will take place at 11:45 am, Sunday, September 29, 2019 in the church sanctuary.

The meeting is open to all, however, voting is restricted to members of record of the UUCW. This is an important event in the ongoing business and life of our congregation and reflects the principle: The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large.

During this meeting we will vote on a proposal by the Board of Management to accept an offer by the City of Worcester for parcels of land owned by the church in order to further the city’s plans to redo Shore Drive.  The Board will also announce the acceptance of inheritance funds received over the summer to be contributed to the invested funds of the congregation.

All members of the congregation are strongly encouraged to attend this meeting in order to achieve a necessary quorum to conduct the business outlined above.

Debbie Merrill, Clerk

Board of Management, Unitarian Universalist Church of Worcester