From the Refugee Resettlement Ministry Team

It is with mixed feelings that Linda Morse, Zadock Malesi, and I must let you know that our family, Asende Ebasomba and her three sons, will be moving to Milwaukee, Wisconsin on September 27 of this month. We can proudly point to all of their accomplishments in coming to a new country, learning a new language, and adjusting to a multitude of cultural differences all while the political climate is so very unwelcoming.

Many of you came in to personal contact with our family. Perhaps you drove Faraja, who is three years old, to Head Start. Perhaps you gave Medard, who is 13, a ride to Bancroft summer camp. Maybe you took Ebanda, who is 15, and Medard ice skating at the Worceser Common Oval. Maybe you gave Asende English lessons or drove the family to a doctor’s appointment.  These are but a few of the ways you gave to our family.

Some of you helped with heating bills and donations of household goods and of clothing or other personal needs.  You might have made the Boston Science Center or the Bancroft Camp possible. Some of you contributed necessary information about navigating various human services. You have contributed in a variety of ways to help this brave family find their way in a strange land.

Whatever you gave, you got much in return and that is where the mixed feelings come in. We are proud of our family for their strength and courage. Asende always tries to do what she thinks is best for her family.  When we first met her, she wanted to move to Milwaukee right away, but then she decided to wait for their green cards. As it turns out, given the many proposed restrictions on seekers of the green card, she was wise to stay in place until they received them.  She has worked hard at her job at Fatima’s restaurant. It has also been humbling to watch her take the many huge bags of returnable bottles to the redemption center for additional money.  My back hurts watching her carry those bags from her third floor apartment, into my car and then into the redemption center.

We will miss them all, but we will be sending them off knowing they know more about how to navigate this country and that their bravery and strength of character will take them far.

Again, our appreciation to the many who have contributed to the success of the family, and we hope you will join us at our service on September 22 to say good-bye to Asende, Ebanda, Medard and Faraja.

Marilyn Martin Raymond