On Covenant


On Covenant

Rev. Aaron Payson

In Gatherings by Rev. Marta Valentín

     In gatherings we are stirred

like the leaves of the fall season

rustling around sacred trees,

tossed hither and yon

until we come to rest together,

quietly, softly . . .

We come to gather strength from each other.

We come to give strength to each other.

We come to ask for strength from the Spirit of All That Is and Is Not.

     When our hearts sing or when they frown

it is the way of compassion telling us to give.

It is the way of peace telling us

to share our gifts,

for we are happiest

and most powerful

when Love is made apparent

in and through us.

     Spirit of the circle that is Love,

as we twirl in this dance that is life

we give thanks for reminding us each day

of our task of ministering to each “other”

with a searching glance,

a safe touch,

a generous smile,

a thoughtful word…

     Thank you for reminding us

that we are always building our beloved comunidad.

    Thank you for reminding us

that through our covenant with you

we covenant with each “other”

and are made whole.

     In gratitude, we celebrate

with open hearts and minds.

With the words of my colleague and friend Marta Valentin, I welcome you to another fall season!  The 176th fall season in the life or our congregation.  The 64th fall season in our congregational home on Holden Street.  Ours is a community of faith which has rejoiced in times of rejuvenation and return many times over.  This is a time which marks new beginnings for many and another season of continuing responsibilities for some.  It is a season bright with possibility and hope, and one that carries the weight of many strong memories.  As we return to our regular season of worship, religious exploration and service, we pause to remember the covenant that binds us together as a community.  We will explore the theme of covenant more fully this month as part of our Touchstone Ministries Program.  Let us gather once again this Sunday to mingle our waters of summer exploration and activity.  Let us come together once again as a congregation of hope, love and justice; inspiring each other to take on the challenges of a changing world!

In consonance with the principles and purposes of the Unitarian Universalist Association, we the members and friends of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Worcester covenant to sustain and support a courageous and caring community by:

  • Bringing our best selves to form a welcoming, loving, and inclusive community of faith;
  • Creating an atmosphere of celebration and worship in a safe environment;
  • Providing opportunities where diverse people and points of view are respected and where open-hearted and open-minded discussion of our differences is encouraged;
  • Treating each other with kindness and respect;
  • Approaching conflicts with a spirit of humility and with the respectful intent for peaceful resolution;
  • Engaging in and encouraging spiritual and intellectual growth across the lifespan;
  • Fostering social justice and positive transformation in our community and in the world at large;
  • Growing and maintaining the resources necessary to support the missions and ministries of this congregation;
  • Fostering fellowship and enjoying each other and the unique gifts that each person brings to our community.



School Supply Drive Thanks!


Thank you for the tremendous outpouring of support for our school supply drive. There was a pile of school supplies ready to be distributed at the August 16th Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry Distribution.   You made the day for some of the children we saw.

And, you made life a bit easier for two mothers we saw. On Monday afternoon, I gave school supplies to a woman who was in tears regarding our generosity. She didn’t want any food, although she could probably have used some, since she wanted people who needed it more to get it. What a generous spirit she had! Then Rev. Payson distributed some more supplies to a woman who was in an extremely difficult financial position, who had a school-age child at home and one on the way!

You will never know their gratefulness. I’m passing it on to you as best I can. Thank You.

Dianne Mann

Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry