See You in September (and Maybe a Little Over the Summer!)

See You In September (and Maybe a Little Over the Summer!)

Robin Mitzcavitch, Director of Religious Exploration & Education

Saying goodbye to the folks in the Religious Exploration Program is hard to do. Saying goodbye, in general, is hard. We have had to say goodbye to graduates, to our teachers and our students, and families that may move out of the area over the summer. We “retired” Kris Johnson from nursery.

Sometimes these goodbyes trigger tears and sometimes they include some negotiation. For instance, our Youth group negotiated a once per month meet-up over the summer, and so did our Social Threads Quilting Group!   I know the YAMS want to meet as well. After the service on Sunday, Kris Johnson texted me and said she may be interested in coming back next fall as a Spirit Play volunteer after she heard one of our Spirit Play teachers speak.

After all, we are a community, and it feels weird to go away! Sometimes it’s good to have a little breather, maybe making you appreciate what you have more. But I think it’s nice to check in every once in a while and not be apart for so long.

You have that ability every week during summer services!   Call up a friend or two, or put it on social media with the hashtag #Imgoingwannajoinme. Take in a service, and then go out to lunch or to the park together after. Don’t be lonesome, don’t lose touch. We love you.

It’s with much love and appreciation that I wrap up the RE year with the help of our incredible RE Team. Thank you Claire Breyton, Vickie Cox Lanyon, Jenny Delgizzi, Ana Gregory, Lee Hill, and Beckley Showalter. You are so fun and easy to work with and you make my life so much more manageable!

It’s also with a humble and appreciative heart that I say kudos and thank you to the many adults and youth who teach and assist and who are helpers in and around the RE program. You make it special; you Let Your Life Speak through your words and your kindness.

I hope to bump into you over the summer! And I will surely see you in September. We are excited to be starting up another Coming of Age year in the fall, and also to be bringing five new lead teachers into the mix. It’s such a joy to see all the helping hands gathering around our children and youth.

Thank you!   And Happy Summer-ing!