Refugee Ministry Team Volunteer Drivers Needed


We are in need of drivers to transport the two oldest Ebasomba boys, Ebanda (15) and Medard (13) to a wonderful opportunity for a summer camp at the Bancroft School.  Drop off is at 8:45 AM and pick up is at 3 PM.

The dates are:

  •  the week of 6/24 mornings covered by Maya Desai. Still looking for afternoon pick up
  •  the week of July/1 mornings covered by David Fields
  •  the week of July/8
  • the week of July 15,

They also have an opportunity to attend the Lutheran camp in Worcester, which starts at 8:30 AM, and pick up is at 4:30 PM.

The dates are:

  • the week of July 29
  • the week of August 5

Both camps are excellent opportunities for the boys, but Linda and I need some assistance with the rides.  If you are able to help make a difference in the summer experience for these boys, please contact:

Linda Morse at :

Marilyn Martin

Linda Morse & Marilyn Martin, Refugee Ministry Coordinators