May Touchstones Ministry Theme: Mystery

May Touchstones Ministry Theme: Mystery

by Rev. Aaron Payson

This month’s Touchstone Ministry Theme is “Mystery.” In honor of this theme I turn to the words of a beloved colleague and fellow Frater of the Wayside Inn who once penned these words. May they inspire you as they do me.

Blessings, Aaron

How does one address a mystery? by Rev. Gordon B. McKeeman

How does one address a mystery?

Cautiously — let us go cautiously, then, to the end of our certainty, to the boundary of all we know, to the rim of uncertainty, to the perimeter of the unknown which surrounds us.

Reverently — let us go with a sense of awe, a feeling of approaching the powerful holy whose lightning slashes the sky, whose persistence splits concrete with green sprouts, whose miracles are present in every place and moment.

Hopefully — out of our need for wholeness in our own lives, the reconciliation of mind and heart, the conjunction of reason and passion, the intersection of the timeless with time.

Quietly — for no words will explain the inarticulate or summon the presence that is always present even in our absence.

But what shall I say?

Anything — any anger, any hope, any fear, any joy, any request, any word that comes from the depth of being addressed to Being itself — or, perhaps, nothing, no complaint, no request, no entreaty, no thanksgiving, no praise, no blame, no pretense of knowing or of not knowing.

Simply be in the intimate presence of mystery, unashamed — unadorned — unafraid.

And at the end say — Amen.