Racism and White Privilege Workshop Series Results & Side With Love Meetings Resume April 14


We finished our last workshop on April 7th in the Racism and White Privilege series with Ken Wagner.  It was a rousing success with an average of 40 participants attending each week.  This is attributable to Ken’s experience, insight and commitment to this work, as well as the timeliness of these issues. We thank Ken for his significant and generous contributions to our church and community.

Not only did we have many people from our church, but we also had participants from many other churches, synogoges and other community groups. It was good to have a larger representation than usual, and perhaps we’ll see some of these faces again for future events.

Side With Love will resume our meetings now that the racism series is completed. Our next meeting will be on Sunday April 14th at approximately  noon.  Room to be determined.

We will be debriefing the racism series, and planning events for the next few months.  Some have suggested videos on environmentalism and feminism, so come be part of the group that chooses our next event!  We hope to see you there.