It Matters

It Matters

by , President, Board of Management

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So why do we pledge? The bulk of our yearly finances goes to pay for our staff. And our staff are special. Let’s start with Aaron. It’s fair to say my family is here because of him. Back when our 4 and half month son Aiden died, we did not go to church. We did not belong to a community like this one to to help us through one of the hardest times of our lives. Fortunately, the funeral director at Kelly’s told us about Aaron and suggested we meet, and are we glad he did. In no time Aaron put together an amazing service. He spoke about Aiden in a way that felt as if he seen his impact on us and on those that loved him. He connected to the hundreds of people there in a way I did not think possible. The next day, amid our grief and sadness, Nancy and I started talking about the service and how fortunate we were to have found Aaron. We decided right then that we needed to check out his church. And 14 years later we are still here.

And then there is Robin whose leadership of the RE program is unparalleled. Her work is so good, so consistently impressive that our RE has become a template for others. That’s crazy, but it’s true. We are truly fortunate to have her teach our kids, and to teach us all. We have all seen her work, she’s amazing. When she took her well-deserved sabbatical last year it took team of volunteers to just keep a no frills version of the RE program going – thank you Vicki! Thoughtful, passionate, caring, organized, Robin is truly one of the most generous people I’ve ever met. Most of us have a Robin story, some of us have several. There is a reason for that.

Matt of course, just offers us fantastic music every week. I don’t know Matt as well as Aaron or Robin, but, like you, I get to experience his work. Fitting and powerful chorals, along with tremendous piano work; it’s one of the reasons we all come here each week.

They along with other staff, keep the lights on and the wheels turning. It’s in large part because of them that this church is the place we love. And it is in large part FOR them that we have our pledge drive. To compensate them fairly for the work they do with and for us.

So if you haven’t pledged already or have pledged but are willing and able to give just a bit more, please do so today. Our staff, our church depends on it. They support us – let’s be sure to support them.

Thank you.