Loaves & Fishes Food Pantry News – February 26, 2019

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Things were busy at the Pantry for February.  We anticipated a number of families being challenged both by waits for their SNAP benefits AND with children home from school due to February vacation week.  So, we brought in 3,000 pounds of food to distribute from the Food Bank, Linda Morse got fresh bread donated from Shaw’s, Mimi Allen picked up leftover bagels from the Bagel Inn, The Billiar/Henry family went to Price Rite to get 60 dozen eggs and we set out to do our best to help alleviate the need for food for our folks.

We did this with some help from our friends at Bancroft School and their able teacher, our own Rachel Wagner.  Here are some pictures of both Friday night where we pre-packed the bags and the Bancroft crew helping distribute food to our friends.

When it was all over, we had served 59 households.  If you are interested in our Ministry, think you have a way to help, or want to get involved somehow, contact:  Dianne Mann at .  Thanks for all you do to support us!

Dianne Mann, Loaves & Fishes Food Pantry Coordinator