Fellowship Hall Update!


Fellowship Hall has been updated!  Starting with the funds generously contributed by YOU during the Raising the Spirits Fundraiser in November, Fellowship Hall has been painted and much of the furniture has been changed out, removed, or been given a face lift!  There are a few punch list items to be completed, but we are happy to report it’s done!  During the process we were approached by folks hoping to help us fulfill plans for the room that may not have been fulfilled with the initial fundraising.  We are still tallying numbers but overall we spent just over $4,000.

Thanks to all who were involved at every level of this project including those of you who periodically just cheered us on.  Thanks to our families (who I forgot to mention Sunday) who put up with a bit of late-night hand-wringing and cheerfully pitched in for everything from wall vacuuming to competitive IKEA furniture assembly.  Thanks to Nancy Hancock, Vickie Cox-Lanyon, and Melissa McKeon who reminded us of why things are they way they are, helped us think carefully about they way things might & should be, and are keen painters.  Thanks also to Beth Posner-Waldron who came and just simply helped clean one day.


Every bit helped.  Our A/V angel Paul Marr was with us for every foot of stereo cable and he still is working hard on making sure we can hear and see the new TV.  Our “woodworking artist-in-residence” Bart Hill was responsible for the trim and the new storage room doors among countless other small things that we just can’t fully know.  Bart was dedicated, tireless, and went above and beyond in pursuit of this goal.  Finally, we thank Aaron and Robin who were with us every step of the way.  Thanks to Jen Landry who, among other things, keeps the  church schedule on-line and up-to-date, which was an absolute requirement for getting all the activities scheduled.  And of course, Steve McNally who kept checking in and, among other things, did that final floor polish sometime between Saturday night and Sunday morning that just made the room shine.  Thanks to our painter Ann Revicki whose expertise in color selection brought the room together.  If you would like to know more about Ann’s business and work, talk to Cris.  Thanks to you all!!

By the way…Yes! The IDEA is to change out the gallery wall of art periodically.  Some artists have already been lined up for future installations.  The church’s inventory of quilts will be rotated through as well.  We’d like to see a team of folks to take over care and upkeep of these room features.  Step up and let us know; we are ready to for folks to meet our enthusiasm for this place and join in the care of our spiritual home.

Finally, I can speak for Cris Heffernan when I say that this has been truly a labor of love for us.  If you read her words last week you will know that we supported each other every step of the way.  It has been an absolute JOY and we are so pleased the the result, but especially we were just tickled to see your expressions as you entered Fellowship Hall Sunday morning and drank it in!  Yes, we are already scheming for the next thing…but first, we rest.

Maya Desai & Cris Heffernan