Wishes in the Air

Wishes in the Air

by Robin Mitzcavitch, Director of Religious Exploration

This past Sunday we lit the Wish Tree. It lives in our Fellowship Hall at the moment and may travel around the church. As part of our opening Religious Exploration classes for the 2019 New Year, we talked about wishes. Some may call them resolutions- things that you want to do to make your own life better with the convenient start date of a new year and the new beginnings that it brings.

As a twist, we asked the children to write or draw something on a white paper heart, which they wished for themselves; trying to focus on the non-material and the positive. I feel like a positive wish is like a prayer or an intention that goes out into the universe and makes good things happen.

We then asked the children to write or draw something on a colorful paper heart that was a wish for someone else. It could be something small, or something really huge and also very positive. I feel like a loving wish sent out to someone we know or do not even know will make positive things happen for that person and also for the sender.

The children hung their wishes with brightly colored ribbon on the illuminated Wish Tree. The wishes now hang shimmering, next to each other, and are beautiful to see. Please stop by and read them, and place your own on the tree as well.

Like a prayer flag, the energy and the air move around these wish tree hearts, and the messages of love and intentions of hope move out into the universe. Isn’t that an awesome image? Maybe you can read about someone’s wish for help for another, and you can also wish on that too. Your wish added to my wish makes it doubly strong.

I wish for increased love and patience in my heart during my interactions with others. I wish that children can feel love and acceptance during their days. I wish that persecuted people in the world could find a place that is safe to call home. I wish that we can find acceptance, love, and openness in our hearts when interacting with others that are not like us. I wish to be curious instead of fearful.

One child told the class leader, Claire Breyton, that they couldn’t think of a wish for themselves, because all they could think about was a wish for their mother who had a very sore back. It’s true that we can focus on things outside of ourselves, and those things may consume us. Don’t forget about your own personal wish, though, as all good, strong, and positive change begins from within.

I listened as Claire spoke to the children gathered for Re-UUnite -our January One Room Experience. As she introduced our first principle: Respect All Others- (We respect the inherent worth and dignity of all people.), she was purposeful in mentioning that this respect should start with respecting and honoring yourself. Often, we can forget about that part.

Respect your own inherent worth and dignity, then move out into the community and do the same with others. Be a role model, show how it’s done, so others may choose to do the same. That sounds like a simple concept that I wish would catch on for the whole world, and I wish it for myself first!

May your 2019 be filled and fulfilled with wishes and abundance of joy, creativity, good health, and positive things. May your wishes and positive intentions be in the air and felt by many.

With Love and Blessings,